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Practical information

  • For a clinical examination, bring your additional exams (X-rays, ultrasounds…), your sports shoes and sportswear if it is a sports-related problem.
  • On your first appointment, consider carrying your “carte vitale” if you have one.
  • Foot orthoses are the subject of a partial/total repayment by the french Social Security and your health insurance company, if you have a medical prescription. A repayment of 100% covers the Social Security liability rate and not the actual rate of the act.
  • Common foot care might be repayed by your health insurance with an invoice.
  • Parking: 2h free in a car park close to the office (Chagall)
  • Accepted payments: cheques and cash
  • Please contact us for further information

CMU beneficiaries

Apart from the people with diabetes having a medical prescription, the acts of pedicure and podiatry are not part of the health care basket of the “CMU”. The assumption by the social security is limited to the rate of responsibility.

The rest of the fee is at your expense. It is however possible to obtain additional aid by getting closer to your health insurance company.