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Podiatrists in Vence (France, 06)

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The office

Podiatrists specializing in the management of musculoskeletal pathologies, we put all our skills at your service for the treatment of the foot and lower limb conditions.

We have developed an expertise in the analysis of the athlete of any level, but also of the child or the adult suffering from chronic pain.

Our podiatry office is located in Vence, 30mn from Nice and Sophia Antipolis.

By appointment from Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm
  20 avenue Victor Tuby, 06140 Vence
  +33(0)4 93 24 02 45

What we can do for you

Area of expertise

  • Posture and movement analysis
  • Sports podiatry
  • Podiatric cycling examination
  • Podopaediatrics


  • Foot orthoses
  • Footwear and technical advice
  • Toe & nail orthoses
  • Foot care


  • Force & pressure platform
  • Treadmill & high speed cameras
  • Optogait & 3D inertial sensors
  • 3D footprints & heat-molded insoles

For whom? What for?

  • Common foot problems
  • Sports-related pathologies
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • People with diabetes

Foot orthoses

Foot orthoses can be a short, medium, or long term treatment or supplement for many pathologies, especially musculoskeletal.

Depending on the materials used and the targeted zones, they allow to modify the forces exerted on the different anatomical structures of the lower limb (bones, tendons and muscles). They can also improve foot comfort and general balance.

They can be used for children, adults or elderly people, both in sport and in the city.

Depending on your needs, insoles are either made on a flat base for a maximum thinness, or heat-molded for an optimum adaptation to the foot shape. This medical device is tailor-made, based on a thorough clinical examination.

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