Biomechanical podiatry

The podiatric biomechanical assessment consists in analysing the foot and lower limb  structure, function, alignement, and motion.
Its purpose is generally to deal with bone, tendon or muscle pathologies, and get pain relief.

It is also possible to settle down the progression of foot deformities caused by inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. If a deformity is already existing with no immediate surgical option considered, adaptative foot orthoses can be made, in order to better distribute the mechanical constraints.

Frequently seen conditions:

  • Plantar heel pain, stress fractures, Morton neuroma,  hallux valgus (bunions)
  • Pantar sole pain
  • Foot/knee/hip osteoarthritis
  • Leg length discrepancy, low-back pain or scoliosis
  • Pediatric in-toeing +/- frequent falls
  • Postural instability and/or difficulties while walking

Podiatric assessment and treatment

First of all we start with a discussion aiming to understand your expectations and set your goals. Secondly, we analyse how you walk, run or move while doing your own physical activity, with clinical tests. Your footwear is taken into account as well.

We are using several biomechanical measurement devices such as: high-speed cameras and Optogait system (kinematic analysis), pressure mapping, 3D inertial sensor, and dynamometer (kinetic analysis).

Then, we agree on how we may work together to improve your situation.

The treatment can be in the short/medium term, with for instance temporary foot orthoses use or taping. It can also imply some footwear and general advice, exercices and/or a teamwork with other healthcare professionals. However, sometimes we provide long term treatment, for instance in case of foot deformity, chronic disease, inadequate footwear required for work etc.

Custom-made foot orthoses are one the main podiatrist’s tool. They can change the plantar pressure distribution, or joint alignement. Yet, most of the time, their beneficial effect is achieved by reducing the forces in the injured tissues, which may not result in something visible.